Employer Branding for NPCI

Brand building to retain and attract the best talent across the organisation

The Problem Statement

Despite building universally recognizable products like UPI, IMPS, RuPay, FASTag and others — and fast transforming the digital payments ecosystem in India and beyond — National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is yet to establish itself as a high-recall ‘employer brand’ in the minds of job aspirants and communicate the spirit of the organisation to existing talent within the company.

At Agrahyah we understood that NPCI wanted to reinforce its position as an exciting, deep technology-led workplace — offering never-before opportunities to build revolutionary payment products and services — using AI/ML and Blockchain at an unprecedented pace and scale.

The task at hand

NPCI brought us on as an Agency Partner to not only help craft a powerful statement, visual identity and tagline to drive their hiring and employee-focused outreach but also relied on our in-house team of experts to conceptualise and execute a successful launch campaign to disseminate a consistent message to every NPCIan, both present and future.

Over the course of three months, creative strategists, writers, visualisers, designers, animators, and communication experts at Agrahyah worked together with team NPCI to create a week-long EVP Launch and sustenance campaign.

The need for a differentiated EVP

We helped NPCI create an engaging Employer Value Proposition or EVP which would act as a unifying statement to strengthen NPCI’s work culture and celebrate its strong, homegrown, technology builder ethic, exemplified by their employee contributions and product suite.

An EVP statement lays out in detail the benefits the organisation provides to its employees in the form of growth and learning opportunities, monetary rewards, benefits, and articulates the spirit of an organisation as regards the work culture, in return for the skills and experience employees bring to the enterprise. It is a key facet of employer branding in today’s competitive landscape acting as a beacon for companies to stand out and attract the right kind of talent.

The EVP was designed to help NPCI differentiate itself as a highly sought after employer in order to attract top notch talent from the best institutions in a crowded marketplace, so it could claim its true position as an industry leader within the emerging cash-less ecosystem.

Building the NPCI EVP

The creative brand strategy team within Agrahyah worked closely with the NPCI HR team and leadership to evolve a new, distinct, and contemporary brand language and visual identity to streamline all communication.

We built on existing work done by NPCI, consulted focus group discussions, poll responses and funnelled feedback from NPCI leadership to arrive at a statement that captured what is most meaningful to their employees.

The Roadmap for the NPCI EVP Launch

  • The EVP creation was the first step in this journey which helped distil core NCPI values into a singular, powerful statement, evolved and fine tuned over many weeks.
  • An iterative process evolved a visual symbol or logo and tagline to capture the spirit of the EVP.
  • The launch campaign helped employees become familiar with this manifesto and brand promise with various pieces of communication coming together to disseminate this message organisation-wide.

Launching #KYEVP, Know Your EVP Campaign

In the lead up to the #KYEVP, Know Your EVP campaign, Agrahyah created an anchor #KYEVP or Know Your EVP video, built a microsite to host all communication, designed teasers, posters, screensavers, emailers and conceptualised activities and giveaways to support the campaign from start to finish.

Evolving an identity inspired by the endless creativity of the Rubik’s Cube

The look and feel of the visual identity is driven by the brand idea of building or architecting a technologically-advanced future where intelligent solutions are unlocked through an application of the latest tools, like blockchain and AI.

The Rubik’s Cube has always stood for applied intelligence, problem solving, curiosity and playfulness as the solution is always evolving and dynamic.

In echoing the Rubik’s cube’s shape and lending it a kinetic motion with many coloured facets we wanted to capture the ethos of an organisation that is evolving and accelerating at a rapid pace, shaped by the contributions of NPCIans who are hands-on and capable of innovative thinking within the FinTech industry, best exemplified by the tagline, ‘Together We Build’.

Here’s what NPCI had to say

The result? A successful launch, lots of excitement across teams, never-before-seen levels of engagement and an internally and unified brand message borne out of design thinking.

“A strong and unique work culture is driven by employee-first thinking. Launching the NPCI Employee Value Proposition was an opportunity to distil core values that drive our organisation and our employees into a single powerful statement. We evolved a contemporary, sleek, colourful visual identity and tagline designed to attract the best of talent in the hottest sectors of FinTech and worked closely with the creative teams within Agrahyah during every stage of this campaign.”

“Seeing new connections, creative brainstorming, endless iterations, and top notch video production and design complemented our efforts and helped guide us towards a successful launch, which managed to create a lot of excitement within employees and was noticed favourably by our leadership and internal marketing teams.”