Voice Managed Solutions

We help enterprise brands foray into a voice first world. Our services include building Alexa Skills, Actions on Google, or custom voice assistant.


Cloud Consulting

Cloud consulting and AI architecture services for digital transformation. We are cloud platform agnostics with cross domain expertise across  industry verticals.

Consulting Services

Knowledge, Resources, and strategy frameworks to help brands attract next 100 million customers from Bharat and drive step change transformation.

Text + Audio Content

Long tail content to increase organic traffic on brand’s digital assets. Text articles, Podcasts and Original audio content created to fit brand’s tone.

India's first 
Voice Agency

Traditional tech companies offer technology solutions but have low sense of brand;
Digital agencies offer content but lack technology prowess.
We put them all together to create India's first 'Voice Agency' 

Our in-house subject experts strike a perfect balance between product design, voice user interface, technology and sustainable content strategy to address brand's objectives.

We are award winning and Amazon's preferred partner for Alexa Skills Development.

India's first Voice Agency
Our Vision and Identity

Make technology
useful for all

Agrahyah, pronounced as ag-rah-yah has origins in Sanskrit, it means The One without a physical form, He who cannot be grasped; we thought it’s an apt name for a software company that builds products that are intangible but impactful.



Brands often create a web or digital asset, but lack a sustainable and scalable content stratgey that can keep the engagement going. At Agrahyah, we have a versatile set of content solutions to have your publishing strategy rolling

◎    Original content for Blogs and podcasts
◎    English and Vernacular languages
◎    Influencers and celebrity created content
◎    Thought leadership content for CXOs to publish
◎    Native advertising solutions for featuring and listings


There's India and there's Bharat; a beautiful dichotomy amidst a cultural cacophony; and there's No one-size-fits all solution. Agrahyah has actionable insights on 'Building for Bharat' and we guide enterprise clientele to unlock economic value from the next 100 million internet users by chalking up new business models that yield results.

Our consulting practice is sector agnostic.

Why India is not next China?

The fatal error internet companies are making

Everybody Needs Protein.

Helping an FMCG brand to make Indians more healthy.

Case Study Content Solution Case study → Case Study CONTENT SOLUTION Ignorance, myths and wrong perceptions cloud the vision of people who may have thyroid disorders. How do we intercept them online to get them tested? Case Study Consulting Services Case study → Case Study CONSULTING
How can protein brand leverage digital technologies to unlock new sources of economic value created by changing culture in India and Bharat?
Case Study Voice Solution Case study → Case Study VOICE SOLUTION How can Alexa keep prospective home buyers engaged while they are waiting for a sales manager to attend them? CASE STUDIES

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Drop by for a coffee and a conversation about how to build for non English users; check if we have any suitable job opportunity. Write to us for anything else.

Marquee Clients

Our experience ranges across industries and verticals.

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