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Agrahyah is a full service voice agency with capabilities to design, develop and create content audio including podcasts and shows. 

Get your
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Its early days for voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in India; you may perhaps already have a Skill or Actions on Google built for your brand, but what's your engagement strategy? who is driving the content?

Click here to see our 3 voice assistant sins brands commit.

At Agrahyah, we are a strong believer of first principles, that means we do everything ground up to get it right fundamentally right. While any content agency can make a meme or post for social media, voice assistants are completely different.

They have to be conversational, contextually relevant, action oriented; else brands run the risk of boring and alienating their customers in a voice first world.

Our in-house team of script writers, audio engineers, ex RJs  and music composers can create voice content (audio and text) that are not just compatible with voice assistants, but also fit your brand's tone.


Audio Content Production

At Agrahyah, we have the art and science of audio content. Our in-house talent includes script writers, experienced RJs, vocal artistes, music composers, sound engineers and of course voice assistant technology team that puts it all together.

Whether you need a Podcast show going or one of branded content created to engage your audiences; we got your back.

Go ahead, make your brand's voice be heard.

audio content strategy for Alexa

Our audio and
voice solutions

Text to Speech

Voice assistants are smart but when it comes to making them work in your favour, it takes a great deal of SSML (speech mark-up language) to get the Text to Speech right and contextually relevant

Podcasts & Originals

Got a Podcast idea to launch your brand on voice? We can help you scale it up at sustainable level.
From ideation to keeping the series going, we do it all on turnkey basis.

Voice Overs

When you need content to evoke emotions, the job cant be left to voice bots, we get it. Our highly selected pool of voice talent are multi lingual, and highly experienced to make your brand come alive on audio platforms,

What we bring to table

We made Alexa Speak & interact in Hindi

For the first time ever, we made Alexa speak and interact in Hindi to provide cardio information in English and Hindi. Try it!

aawaz.com - Our own audio on demand platform

aawaz.com has Podcasts, Spoken-word, and Audio stories in Indian Languages. Enjoy over 500 hours of high quality audio content in Hindi and English. aawazEnglish launching in Jan 2020

Voice assistant sins
brands commit

Media mix up

Content is king, but brands can't adapt their existing social media or website content to voice assistants. Voice needs fresh thinking

Limiting to trivia

Voice assistants offer tremendous potential, yet many relegate it as a trivia or FAQ destination. That's a clear lack of imagination in creating voice content.  

Limiting to bot

All the voice assistants are chatty and smart, but you don't have to limit your imagination to just that. Adding a human voice over layer can unlock new customer engagement potential.