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Agrahyah is a full service voice agency with capabilities to design, develop and create content audio including podcasts and shows. 

Voice enable
your appliance

AVS or Alexa Voice Services lets ODMs create devices with Alexa Built-in that customers can talk to directly.

Increasingly speed seeking customers are getting habituated to Voice Commands. They are now practically to talking to air conditioners, speakers, and TV to control settings, search for information or give functional instructions.

A wide array of products are now AVS compatible, Bluetooth speakers, Headsets, TV, Automobiles, Mobile App, Enterprise CRM, and ERPs, or any other device / digital end point which has a speaker, mic and processor can be now Voice Controlled through Amazon's Alexa integration.

With AVS integration on your digital assets or appliances, you get the power of Cloud powered Artificial Intelligence capabilities into otherwise normal devices.

We are working with India's leading brands of device makers. Reach us for a coffee and conversation

AVS System Intergation Solutions

We are rated as 'India's First Voice Agency' for a reason. As a system integrator and a partner, we help ODMs to Design, Build, and Launch their devices with AVS system integration.

We offer end to end solution and support for AVS. From designing VUI (voice user interface), UX, to guiding in hardware modifications, implementation of AVS, to guidance in product certification by Amazon, we walk with you through the journey.

Our audio and
voice solutions

Alexa Skills Development

From imagining your brand on Voice to developing the Alexa Skill, we are a complete turnkey partner

Podcasts & Audio

Tell stories in audio formats, get the share of ear even when your audience are on the go. From podcast ideas to branded content. We offer complete service

Vernacular Audio

Multilingual audio content ideation and production services for brands that wants to audience across India. Have you tried aawaz.com?

Use cases for devices
with AVS

Alexa, Play IPL on my TV

Customers can start a video playback without specifying a provider or device: "Alexa, play IPL"

Control settings

People can control a specific video device through voice commands such as 'Alexa, lower the volume on my video device'

Changing a video device's input by just saying 'Alexa, switch to HDMI'

Hands free commands

Whether people are cozy on a couch or driving with hands and eyes busy. They can ask Alexa to Searching and playing content and have playback controls such as pause and rewind. Just with their voice