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Agrahyah is a full service voice agency with capabilities to design, develop and create content audio including podcasts and shows. 

Get your
Brand on Alexa

Amazon Echo are the range of smart speaker devices, they are powered by the Voice Assistant named Alexa, and when you teach her new capabilities, it is termed as 'Skills'.

In effect, building an Alexa Skill is equal to building an app for mobile phone, but that's where the similarities stop.

Voice as a UI is naturally more intuitive than touch or swipe gestures but it also lacks two fundamental sensorial inputs - touch and see. This means getting your brand on Alexa means less technology and more creativity, empathy and iterative design principles.

Evolution of Voice

Read a brief history of how voice came about to be a a UI

How Agrahyah helps you win?

Message + Medium, Crafted by Single Artisan. 

There are software companies, there are content marketing agencies and then there’s Agrahyah Technologies, a 21st century software company with in-house content powerhouse.

Strategy + Design + Execution = Truly Turnkey

From conception of Alexa Skill to constantly creating new content to keep your Skill engaging, we offer a complete suite of services.

  • Designing Voice Customer Experiences
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Seamless Integration of Technology
  • End to End Alexa Skill Building
  • Original content - Text and Audio
  • Conversational Intelligence to Unravel Customer Insights

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Alexa solutions

Alexa Skill Design

Our process starts at creating user personas, followed by rapid prototype to ensure the Alexa skill suits your brand's personality and meet business objectives

Skill Development

We start with developing the skill and beta test amidst your target audience, and help your Alexa Skill get certified by Amazon team to go live on Skills Store.

Content for Engagement

We help you keep the engagement going with your audience by constantly creating original content in both text and audio formats, including podcasts and shows.

Why have a
Voice agency?

Only tech wont do

Marketers and technology seldom speak the same language; and it's usually the end consumers who pay the price for this friction. Agrahyah is a marketing first company, which means we put your customer first when developing solutions

It's 2020

It's a Voice First world, nearly 30% of all search online is already voice based. Being compatible with voice assistants isn’t an option; it’s a business imperative in 2020

Voice is the new touch

Every decade bring a paradigm shift in how we interact with technology. Touch was 2007, it's 2018 and voice is clearly taking over. 

The voice agency advantage

why voice agency

Insights and
Knowledge on Alexa

Voice, whether in our heads, or playing on headphones, have ability to move us in...
Doing something you have never done can be overwhelming, like turning an idea into an...