The Voice

Voice, the new disrupter

For an innovation to become disruption, there has to be a behaviour change and adoption of the said innovation by consumers. In 2020, voice as a means to interact with machines, smartphones or automobiles is the biggest disruption. Companies including Amazon, Apple, and Google are leading the change in voice through their respective voice assistants.

It is time for brands to think how to disrupt or be disrupted.

For businesses, having a voice strategy is not an option, but an imperative

Agrahyah Technologies

Voice Agency with Tech, UX & Content Support

Traditional tech companies offer technology solutions but have low sense of brand;
Digital agencies offer content but lack technology prowess.
We put them all together to create India's first 'Voice Agency' 

Our in-house subject experts strike a perfect balance between product design, voice user interface, technology and sustainable content strategy to address brand's objectives.

We are Amazon's preferred partner for Alexa Skills Development.

We're here to help!

The Economic Times names Agrahyah Technologies as India's first Voice Agency.

Agrahyah at GITEX, Dubai

We are working to help brands around the world to activate their vocal powers. We were at Dubai in October

Agrahyah is 'Agency of the Year'

Amazon awarded us 'Agency of the Year - Top Influencer' for our contributions to grow the entire voice category.

voice agency of the year - awarded by amazon

Voice Managed Services from Agrahyah

From creating account on AWS or Google Firebase to deploying and managing Alexa Skills or Actions on Google, Agrahyah Technologies help large enterprise clients go to market quickly by handling end to end services.

Our services are technology agnostic, whether you need an instant deployment on Alexa or Google Assistant or build a solution ground up, we can help.

We are pioneers in designing and developing Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo devices. We even made Alexa speak Hindi for the first time ever!

Our deep experience in developing products on Google Stack (Firebase, GCP, Android) comes in handy. Call it comprehensive

Agrahyah has in-house team and capabilities to script, produce and record audio content such as podcasts, narrations, shows to fit your voice strategy.

Our insights

Amazon has over 70 store brands and when you ask Alexa to order a pack...
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It’s not even a year since voice assistants like Alexa were officially launched in India,...
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Let's rise your
Brand's Voice

We love to talk; and voice assistant comes standard as warm, friendly and chatty. A perfect playground for brands to have a real time dialogue with audience

◎   Using voice assistants as a brand engagement avenue
◎   Create a customer touch point
◎   Reimagine the IVRS by giving the control to customers
◎   Have a voice first content strategy that works at scale
◎   Target customers beyond English speakers
◎   Tell immersive stories with audio shows & Podcasts

On Air with is an audio only, on-demand platform with 100% original content in Indian languages. We are collaborating with select brands to create shows, podcasts and more.