Life @

Free food and cozy bean bags is not our definition of a cool office. If you like to work with like minded people, who are smart, competent and maybe highly competitive, then Agrahyah is the place to be.

We are a fast growing company, we went from 3 to 36 member team under 14 months.

We are a bootstrapped, revenue generating company with low tolerance for both fiefdom and faff.

The future is full of possibilities and we invite you to walk side by side with us in the quest to make technology useful for all.

AT's Culture

AT was born to bring digital inclusiveness among people from different walks of life; and we proudly extend this philosophy to how we live and work. Doing the right thing matters more than saying the right things, we encourage people to communicate in language they are most comfortable with.

Life @ AT

Interns have the same authority as the senior developer when it comes to doing the right thing, whether it is a bug you want to fix or suggest next product idea that could touch a billion-people’s life, we are open and inclusive about everyone who joins the fold.

The founders and employees are hyperactive in the tech and startup ecosystem through,, Alexa Dev Meetup  among others.

Products @ AT

We build products that primarily focuses on non-English users. The users could be in a first world country or a developing nation, what connects the dots is that, our products aim to outgrow the dependency on English to access technology. If you believe in our purpose, welcome aboard.

Working @ AT

We have culture of saying yes for pretty much everything. Can I attend a tech conference? Yes. Can I get my child to work? Sure. Can I go early today? Ok. Can I clock in an hour late and leave late? Why not. Can I get a new…. Yes, we’ll say yes as long you can get stuff done.


AT was conceived to build unconventional products; it is only fair that our thinking is that way too. Creative does not mean cool office swags and casual clothing norms, for us cool = building world class products that does not suck.