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Storytelling, in the digital age

When information is free, attention is expensive. How can brands get the precious attention of their audience when they have infinite choice of content on the web? How can content marketers increase the odds of being discovered on the web? What role does Voice Search play on overall organic search traffic (SEO) in 2020?

If you have more questions, bring them on, because we have answers.

longtail in organic search

The longtail in organic search

A physical books store can display only so many books at a time, but can  have millions of title without having to invest in physical space,  hence catering to niche and every corner case of customers’  requirements.

Significance in SEO and content marketing:

Creating content for specific topics, and relevant readers yields better results than more generic topics or keywords which already have very high competition.

Creating content that rocks

Helping Women Detect Thyroid Disorders

The art of maximising organic traffic

Content drives engagement, but discovery is often a challenge. Besides, the on slaughter of paid ads on organic search results are dominating in a mobile first world.

At Agrahyah, our content strategy is theorized and practiced over thousands of pieces of long form original content we have created for our own products and from elite brands.

Our robust analytics, coupled with a proven framework helps us win on organic search (SEO) every time.

content strategy framework

Optimising SEO for Voice Assistants

Over 28% of search on web is now through Voice, increasingly, brands have to start optimising for voice assistants to pick up responses to people's search queries from brand's web destinations such as blogs or forums.

Case study: is a lifestyle and entertainment portal created and managed by us; the portal aims to provide answers to questions millennials search online. Here's an example of how we win on health related queries.

How we win:

  • Search analysts discover need gaps on web
  • Understand the target audiences, their anxieties and needs
  • Create original, authentic and accurate content
  • Maintain a healthy web page with no errors, bugs and importantly, ultra fast loading
  • Optimize content to be voice assistant compatible

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Content Solutions from Agrahyah

Content that gets your brand on top of search - web and voice

Search inspired long form Content

Drive organic traffic through SEO friendly content originally written for your digital assets such as websites and apps. High quality, well researched text content for any sector.

Native Ads & Influencer outreach

Reaching where mainstream media cannot by identifying and deploying macro & micro communities to create outreach and native ads which carries brand's message to grass-roots level.

Audio content and Podcasts

We create original audio content, and podcast based shows to help brand tell stories in a voice first world. From concepts to scripts to final production, we have a team in house.

Go beyond
English speakers

English literates in India are less than 10% of our 1.2 billion population count. Do the math!

We help you win beyond the metros

◎    Content localization with losing context
◎    UX adaptions to local languages
◎    Combination of machines and humans to retain high accuracy


Our content services are available in English and multiple Indian languages for localising UX on apps and websites