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The web, and its impact on people

The advent of internet has a profound impact on all of humanity; with large companies creating unprecedented access to web at cheapest price points, the web is permeating into our lives and altering how we seek information, how we consume content and how we make purchase decisions.

Brands and businesses have traditionally taken culture into consideration while making strategic decisions, it was rather easy to segment people based on demographics, which in the digital age is completely obsolete.

Markets could be addressed and shaped in isolation by controlling media vehicles in the past, but it is no longer the case, no one can wall the web to control information; and presents two cases - a huge opportunity, and an unquantifiable amount of micro customer segments.

Agrahyah is a pioneer in understanding the impact of technology on different cohorts - viz, India and Bharat and have been practice leaders in unlocking economic value from identifying and shaping behaviour of 'Bharat vasi'

We help brands attract next 100 million customers from Bharat Drive step change transformation through bespoke consulting services.

How we helped Kazakhstan government increase English literacy

Lack of English literacy is impeding people of Kazakhstan from participating in globalization such as building software, mobile apps, ITeS sector, etc., Here's how we helped them win

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How we help you win

Only 20% of internet users in India transact online. Why?

India has over 400 million internet users; but only 60 million transact online. The assumptions and extrapolations made by past researches and reports grossly miss the mark. What explains this?

Agrahyah has spent over two years on the ground interacting with thousands of Indian internet users to identify, assess, benchmark, and quantify their attitude, perception, and behaviour towards transacting online.

Talks to us to understand how to unlock the potential of first time internet users in India.

Drive Step Change Transformation

Organizations have excellent teams but often ideas and knowledge resides in silos. At Agrahyah, we get cross functional teams come together for collaborating and discovering ideas that drive step change transformation.

Our most popular workshop series can help you win!

  • Discover Bharat, a deep dive into what brands can expect beyond male, millennial and metro audience?
  • Digital marketing for CXOs, it is 2020 and digital marketing is at its peak, but are you exploiting its full potential? We can help you explore.
  • Unlock new markets and product ideas, with our Design Thinking and Sprint based workshops for cross functional team to collaborate and discover ideas together.
  • Bespoke workshop for innovation: No two organizations are same, no two challenges are same, hence we have bespoke solutions tailored to meet your innovation objectives.


We help you collaborate together

Sreeraman at a digital transformation workshop

Get your brand on a voice first world with Agrahyah's Conversation Design Workshop, which lets your team dive deep into understanding and developing ideas for Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Home,

  • User Experience research (UX)
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Idea prototyping

New business models
for a new world

In a digital era, where voice and mobile have transformed how we behave and transact, conventional business models leads to entropy and thus hinders growth. Our consulting practice helps businesses unlock economic value by identifying new markets and business models through transformational strategy frameworks

Our phases of developing strategy

◎   Problem diagnosis
◎   Developing a guiding policy
◎   A set of coherent actions
◎   Implementing the change

Discover Bharat

A connected world is an opportunity, but it is growing complex. Developing strategy needs rigorous analysis, high context, and bold new thinking to develop ideas that yield results.

Our insights

The recent growth in India’s internet users is by any yardstick, astronomical. Nearly 400 million...
Let’s call him Kumar, a cab driver, who drove me to Mumbai airport a few days...