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Cloud Consulting

Cloud is not just a nice-to-have or under evaluation, but has become the core for any IT strategy to be successful. We at Agrahyah, provide Cloud Solutions and Services based on business specific needs to deliver objectives and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction while building futuristic product capabilities. Our goal has been to make technology accessible to all and Cloud Services is a milestone step in delivering modern solutions making companies agile, scalable and resilient to any technology changes.


Agrahyah’s leadership team, Dharmesh Vaya (Director of Technology), Rushabh Vasa (CTO) are listed as Google Developer Experts for Cloud

Getting ready for your Cloud journey

Venturing into Cloud arena would have it’s set of questions while formulating the right fit strategy. Most companies would have thoughts like to find the best fit Cloud architecture, choose the right model that scales your business as well as help in reducing costs, the type of skills required to keep it operational - very valid questions for any C-level executive responsible for driving technology competencies in the organization.

Empowering your Business

The need for robust Cloud solutions has always been on the rise, with an expectation that future business solutions will all be cloud-centric. Industries of all scale would benefit from solutions on Cloud whether it's a small retailer or a large Banking/Finance Institution, be it a local Pharmacy or a large Pharmaceutical research company, from a local Coaching/Tutoring center or a world-class University, Media Houses, Films, entertainment and a range of industries that you can think of.

Cloud Computing’s next frontiers would be developing higher levels of customer service, Industries that will deploy smart technologies in sync with Cloud will be able to upgrade their Customer satisfaction index. B2B and B2C organizations that would adopt Cloud for improving services would make their brand valued amongst customers and also stand-out against competitors, while not forgetting that it will lead to higher employee satisfaction too.

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Dharmesh Vaya, Director of Technology - Agrahyah Technologies, delivering talk on how to empower your Data Workbench on GCP at GDG Mumbai Event.

Cloud for Innovation

Developers and IT leaders can now rely on AutoML, Vision, Natural language APIs provided by Google Cloud Platform to match business needs without specialized skills in Machine learning.

Build smart conversational features using DialogFlow and Contact Center AI that will help live contact center agents and build smart analytics to know your customer needs.

Run container based workloads in a fully managed environment and still only pay as per usage, credits to Serverless containers with Cloud Run.

A powerful new Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment CI/CD service called Cloud Build comes integrated with Google Cloud Platform along with integration

BigQuery-ML enables Machine Learning for all, Simple SQL commands help you build Machine learning models, a major enabler for Data Analysts.

Cloud Solutions from Agrahyah


Cloud Infra / DevOps

Establish your Cloud roadmap with our expert guidance, giving you a resilient and scalable strategy to meet your business goals.


Optimise your operational efficiency by utilising best practices around Cloud Architecture, Security, Performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Custom AI architectures for Computer Vision, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing, Business Intelligence and more.

Analytics / Insights

Its all about Data, use your Data to gain meaningful insights and recommendations to take the right decisions in your business.

Innovate on
Any Cloud

Agrahyah helps you design robust and resilient solutions to help you scale your business.

We help you win in the cloud, agnostic to your platforms

◎    Focus only on solution not platform
◎    Use technology as a means to an end
◎    Create and Incremental innovation that gives impact without high initial cost

Enterprise have made their choice on cloud, Agrahyah offers versatile solution on your platform

No matter which Cloud platform, we brings versatile skills that helps you optimize your Cloud platform and gain the best of it