aawaz + Tata Mutual Fund

Audio Innovation for Investor Education

The story is complete fiction and is available across aawaz.com app & website along with Indus OS App and Ola Play. Taking Investor Education to B30 cities through a format they love and a language they understand

Non-metros have been steadily contributing to growth of MF and SIP. How can Tata do more to drive the category and increase their share of market?

•Work towards increasing the pie of mutual fund investment
•Reach B30 cities, with focus in Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM)
•Increase awareness about mutual funds and address barriers to investment

•Average investor education is jargon filled which alienates an average person. What if we told stories with investor education built in with right context?

Aawaz.com Solution:
We created a ten part audio series titled ‘Ishq Bhi Risk Bhi’ told as a love story with analogies of love colliding with a mutual fund insight. The story is complete fiction and is available across Aawaz.com website, Indus OS App and Google Play Store.

The series was in top charts on Aawaz.com during launch week.

In eight weeks, the show garnered over 4 million impression and 80,000+ streams, that translates to 760,000+ minutes of streaming


Voice in Real Estate

A Contextual Chat with Home Buyers

Problem statement: A premium residential project’s show flat receives high footfall on weekends, elite profile of customers seated at lounge gets somewhat frustrated while awaiting their turn to be escorted by a sales manager

Strategy: What if voice assistant can have a pep talk with prospective customer waiting at lounge until a sales manager is available to take them on site tour?

VUI design: Build a useful, relevant and knowledgeable Alexa skill that not just has a chat with prospective customers, but can also engage people in the context of the project.

The Skill and device placement: An Alexa Skill was developed, completely packaged with information about the upcoming residential project. An Amazon Echo device along with a mini pull up poster was set up at waiting lounge to inform customers that they can converse with Alexa.

Outcome: Customers interacted with Alexa asking queries about the project, prices, schemes while waiting in the lounge area.

Overall reduction in frustration and increase in immersive brand experience.

Voice in BFSI

Put Alexa on Hold.

Problem statement: a leading insurance brand's call centre received over 30% call regarding help to fill out claim forms. An agent could take upto 20 minutes to help a customer, an expensive proposition.

Strategy - Why waste human time when a voice assistant like Alexa can do the job of helping customers fill a form.

VUI design: Put the power of the interaction to user by giving them the ability to pause interaction with Alexa when they are between filling answers on the form.

The Skill - in just 3 weeks, Agrahyah Technologies worked from conception to Voice User Interface (VUI) design, development, to implementation of the Alexa Skill.

> A step by step walk through on each field of the multiple page form. User can stop, repeat or resume at any point and put Alexa on hold.

> An inbuilt jargon buster to get clarity on insurance claim terminologies.

Outcome: There's a steady adoption of usage amongst the policy holders, and thus saving precious man hours at the call centre

How we Made Alexa Funnier than Ever

Read the story of how Agrahyah and Amazon worked together to make Alexa say Hindi Jokes in human voices

Consulting Services in FMCG

Everybody Needs Protein

Problem statement: 60% of Indians are protein deficient and yet they perceive that protein supplements are only for children and professional body builders. A myth that’s holding back the country from being healthy, energetic and thus rendering us less productive.

What we did: help the brand to leverage digital technologies to unlock new sources of economic value created by changing culture in India and Bharat. And identify fertile opportunities to play and win differently.

How we did it: Development of strategic framework based on principles of Design Thinking. We were the catalyst to involve cross functional teams to break information silos, chalk out opportunities together, and table down insight using a Sprint like workshop.


> Break the entropy of thinking within the confines of the category.

> Identification of two new spaces for the brand to play a larger role in people’s life as an enabler who powers them with energy to achieve more.

How we helped Kazakhstan Government Improve English Literacy

People of Kazakhstan is missing out on globalization; read the story of how we helped them develop a strategy and even won a hackathon at Web Summit 2017 at Portugal.

Content Solution in Pharma

Helping Women Detect Thyroid Disorders

Challenge: Ignorance, myths and wrong perceptions cloud the vision of people who may have thyroid disorders. They are not actively seeking to find help.

Objective: Get women to rule out thyroid disorders by getting tested for symptoms - usually a 'lil bit' of weight gain

Strategy:. A quick, unexplained weight gain is the primary symptom of thyroid, so when women search online about weight loss, we intercepted them.

Our Solution: Seen in middle aged women’s radar during their digital journey which may correlate to symptoms caused by thyroid disorders. 60 different pieces of content across lifestyle, food, health and fitness seeded across the web through bloggers. Each one of them had the same central message – to rule out thyroid weight

Outcome: A formidable digital footprint that dominates the entire category and 10X increase in traffic to microsite.

Content Solutions in FinTech

Bring Leaders to a Leadership Concalve

Fintegrate Zone is a three day FinTech conference in Mumbai.

Objective: Attract senior members (not wannabes) from FinTech and BFSI industry to be part of FintegrateZone.

Challenge: Too many events and pop up shows compete for the mind space of Fintegrate’s audience.

Strategy: Differentiate FintegrateZone from the rest by articulating thoughts on leadership, futuristic thinking and how it is pushing the innovation envelope in BFSI and Fintech

Our Solution: 27 pieces of bespoken content inspired on what executives search online from the board spectrum of BFSI and FinTech crossed over with the agenda of FintegrateZone to create a mutual fit.

The articles were then distributed on both owned (blog) and published in leading online media magazines to attract the CXOs.

Results: 2X uplift in organic traffic than previous year. Increased participation by CXOs (80+)